major past commissions

The Bigger they Come....

Since 1971 Bickenstaff & Knowles has liquidated the vast carpet and textile stocks of some of the most famous names in oriental carpet importing, exporting, manufacturing and retailing, including:

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  • B. Altman New York

    • Giant old-established 5th Avenue department store with branches in prosperous New York State towns and world-famous Oriental Rug division
    • New York Bankruptcy Court appointed Bickenstaff & Knowles as Altman liquidators in September - all relevant 5th Ave. and branch departments delivered empty of stock by January, to full satisfaction of Court and creditors.
  • Eastern Kayam OCM (UK)

    • World's largest & oldest manufacturers & wholesalers of Oriental carpets, with vast HQ warehouse in Wembley, London
    • Bickenstaff & Knowles appointed to liquidate entire enormous inventory, mainly via direct-to-public sale, prior to final closing down of this massive organisation.
  • Swiss Bank Collateral Liquidation

    • Vast Oriental rug collateral held by a leading Swiss bank against multi-million pound loan to major carpet merchant
    • Following default by debtor, Bickenstaff & Knowles appointed to liquidate entire collateral, achieved mainly at much-publicised sale in huge Butler's Wharf warehouse, near Tower bridge London
  • Meyer-Müller AG, Zürich

    • For long the best-known and most prestigious Oriental carpet store in Switzerland
    • Bickenstaff & Knowles achieved liquidation of all inventory in store, prior to voluntary closing down of this famous company
  • Gloria Import Export, Bruxelles

    • Prestigious and long-established Oriental carpet import-export organisation with renowned Brussels HQ
    • Entire Gloria inventory cleared via world-wide auction series by Bickenstaff & Knowles prior to retirement of owner and closing down of business
  • NOTAG, Zürich Airport

    • Substantial Oriental carpet import-export European conduit operating inside Customs' Free Zone of Zürich Airport
    • Entire in-transit inventory and all incoming consignments liquidated by Bickenstaff & Knowles by means of world-wide auction programme
  • P & O Carpets Ltd, Mayfair, London

    • Important and old-established connoisseur gallery for Persian and Eastern carpet art located at heart of London's exclusive Mayfair district
    • Bickenstaff & Knowles appointed by Official Receivers to urgently liquidate entire extremely valuable stock, with commission completed within schedule and budget to satisfaction of the Receivers and all major creditors.