liquidations management services

Specialising in the Liquidation of Problem Inventory

For almost forty years, Bickenstaff & Knowles have provided liquidation management and stock clearance services to administraters, insolvency practitioners, banks, receivers, courts, insurance companies and other financial and legal entities, primarily involving large stocks of valuable handmade Oriental arpets and similar high value, niche market specialist merchandise.

A number of our commissions, including some of the largest liquidations we have undertaken, have involved Oriental carpets and other high value items held as collateral against defaulted debts, acting on instruction from banks, finance houses, companies and private individuals.

We have also handled numerous voluntary or unavoidable closing down and going-out-of-business stock liquidations on behalf of company owners and boards faced with financial difficulties, executive inheritance or retirement issues, or radical changes in business direction.

Other less usual circumstances involving substantial numbers of specialist goods which we have successfully resolved have included the optimal liquidation of water- and fire-damaged stocks and other insurance solutions, the disposal of shipments of goods in transit when delivery is prevented by consignee bankruptcy, wars, disputes, embargos, legal restrictions and the like. Similarly we have acted on behalf on Customs & Excise authorities in the liquidation of seized and confiscated merchandise.

In all such situations, we generally provide initial valuation of all stock and other assets involved based on realistic prevailing market data, submit a detailed management and marketing plan encompassing a minimum time-frame and budget for resolving the problem in hand, with full proposals for rescue and turnaround possibilities where relevant or appropriate, together with proposals for achieving optimal results for creditors in the shortest possible time by means of a highly tailored and focussed liquidation of part or all available assets.

Our senior management is always ready to travel to any part of the world where our services might be of assistance, and once instructed we take care of all shipping, insurance, import duties and other statutory and logistic requirements on our clients' behalf, such as may be agreed necessary/effective in the successful resolution of the situation in question. Our management are all multi-lingual and highly experienced in their field, in common with our international auction and direct sales teams.

The core liquidation services we offer involve expert specialist valuation, highly effective marketing strategies, very tight completion schedules, carefully costed and cost-effective budgets and an extremely competitive and reasonable fee/commission structure.

Above all, we are entirely dedicated to delivering the desired results within the required time-frame and budget. as may be readily confirmed by many of our past clients, including many of the best known names in international insolvency practice.

To obtain more details on our liquidation services, whether specific or in general, please use our Services Enquiry Form or contact us by phone or email at our London Head offices.