our specialist valuation & appraisal services

Insurance, Liquidation & Private Expert Valuations

The very high and widely acknowledged level of product expertise fundamental to our reputation and success as International Specialist Auctioneers & Liquidators of handmade Oriental carpets provides the essential basis to our much called-on Valuation and Appraisal services in the field.

In the liquidation services we provide for bankruptcies, bank collaterial, disputed shipments, store closures and the like, accurate and realistic market valuation of all stock and other assets involved invariably proves among the key criteria of the initial disposal agreement as well as the subsequent planning and marketing of the liquidation.

We also carry out current replacement valuations of large quantities of damaged, lost/stolen or other claim inventory on behalf of Insurance companies, as well as the insurees involved. We provide expert second valuation opinions to either party in disputed claims.

Customs & Excise authorities, both in the UK and in many overseas locations, frequently call on our services to place accurate valuations on Persian and other handmade Oriental rugs and carpets for import duty calculation, also in respect of seizures made under embargo regulations or resulting from criminal activities.

We provide expert valuation and appraisal services to private owners of individual items or entire collections, including valuations for Insurance purposes, and appraisals of current market values. We also offer authentication opinions and certification in respect of handmade Oriental rugs and weavings, including third party expert opinions in cases of disputed authenticity.

Our charges for Insurance valuations of individual items for private owners only (whether acquired from us or otherwise), are:

  • £45.00 per item for Insurance Valuations undertaken at first-hand/in situ
  • £25.00 per item for email appraisals based on photographs & details provided.

Our Insurance valuations reflect the current replacement value of a given item, and are intended as a basis for arranging insurance cover. We also undertake loss-of-value appraisals for damaged items subject to insurance claims. Such loss-of-value appraisals represent our expert opinion only, and may or may not be accepted by the Insurance company in question, or a second expert opinion mat be required prior to settlement. Travel expenses and other ancilliary costs may apply to all Valuations and Appraisals when carried out at first hand by one of our expert assessors.